Purple Door Productions is a showcase for writer/director Katharine Rogers.  The house of her adolescence had a purple front door.  It stood alone in a street of ordinary coloured front doors.  The name of her production company comes from that old front door.  The door is no longer purple, but it is still there.  

On set 'Silence is Golden'

On set ‘Silence is Golden’

The stories she tells are fun and light hearted. Yet they all have something larger to say about human relationships. Katharine is interested in, connections; missed or misunderstood, in memory, imagination and growing-up.  In the tiny, sometimes unremarkable, yet important moments that make up a life.

Her passion for moving images stems from a childhood spent watching countless hours of MGM musicals.

This led her to the belief that if only, people burst into spontaneous song and dance in real life, many of the world’s problems could be quickly solved.  Age has made her more realistic about the chances of this idea working, but she lives in hope.

Katharine can’t sing or dance particularly well, so she tells stories.  Which is perfectly fine with her.